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Agrokor — Картка організації

назва організації Agrokor
повна назва організації Agrokor D.D.
країна ризику Croatia
країна реєстрації Croatia
галузь Food industry
сайт http://www.agrokor.hr/
SIC 6719 Holding companies


  • pre-LEI / LEI


The Agrokor Group is the largest private company in Croatia and one of the leading regional companies with consolidated total revenues of more than HRK 21bn in 2007 and employing more than 31,000 people. The Agrokor Group's core businesses are the production and distribution of food and drinks on the one hand and retail on the other, comprising among others Croatia's largest producers of mineral water - Jamnica d.d.; ice-cream - Ledo d.d.; oil, margarines and mayonnaise - Zvijezda d.d.; the largest Croatian meat industry - PIK Vrbovec d.d.; Belje, the largest agricultural and industrial capacity in Croatia and the leading retail chain - Konzum d.d. Since it was established 30 years ago, due to a clear business vision, a consistently applied strategy and well-considered investments Agrokor has grown from a small family-owned company for the production and sale of flowers to become the leading food industry and retail group in the region today.

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АгентствоРейтинг / ПрогнозРейтингова шкалаДата
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Обсяг випусків в обігу

Валюта Випуски в обігу Сумарний обсяг
EUR 1 325 000 000
USD 1 300 000 000

Боргові зобов'язання

Папір Обсяг, млн Статус
Agrokor, 9.125% 1feb2020, EUR 325 EUR outstanding
Agrokor, 8.875% 1feb2020, USD 300 USD outstanding
Agrokor, 5.25% 8aug2017, EUR 50 EUR redemption default
Agrokor, 9.875% 1may2019, EUR 300 EUR redemption default
Agrokor, 10.0% 7dec2016, EUR 550 EUR early redeemed

Консолідована звітність МСФЗ / US GAAP

рік 1кв 1пол 9міс рік
4.25 M eng
2.43 M eng

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